Modular Indexer Overview

The Modular Indexer, including both the Modular Indexer (Committee) and the Modular Indexer (Light), creates a fully user-verifiable execution layer for Bitcoin's meta-protocols. It leverages Bitcoin's immutable and decentralized nature to offer a Turing-complete execution layer, breaking through Bitcoin script's limitations. For more technical details, check out our paper: "Modular Indexer: Fully User-Verified Execution Layer for Meta-protocols on Bitcoin". Keep up with the latest developments in our L1F Discourse Group. Visit the Light Dashboard to easily check your BRC20 balances and see real-time checkpoints from our Modular Indexer; no installation is needed.

The Modular Indexer uploads checkpoints, the summary of BRC20 history, to the Nubit DA Chain to make sure checkpoints won't be corrupted or arrested by any malicious centralized data storage.

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