Interact with Nubit DA

Note: We are in the Alpha Testnet stage, so the API may undergo incompatible changes in the future. If you encounter any issues, please join our Discord to get in touch with the Nubit Team.

When running a light or full node, you can interact with Nubit DA in various ways.

Make sure to set up the environment in a new terminal first. Next, you can manage your keys and wallet. Please ensure you securely save your Nubit address, as it is crucial for running nodes on Nubit DA. You can also obtain NUB from our faucet and explore more node operations, including checking address balances, initiating transfers, submitting Blobs (supporting text and images), and querying transactions.

To better query transactions and network information, you can access our browser, where you can also find various types of information such as addresses, blocks, validators, and namespaces.

This setup enables you to effectively interact with the Nubit DA Alpha Testnet, execute transactions, and manage node operations efficiently. For more integrations, please refer to Nubit Node APIs. For any issues or further assistance, contact our technical support team.

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