Our Alpha Testnet is now open!

Note: We are in the Alpha Testnet stage, so the API may undergo incompatible changes in the future. If you encounter any issues, please join our Discord to get in touch with the Nubit Team.

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the Nubit Alpha Testnet. This marks a significant step forward from our Pre-Alpha Testnet, featuring advanced technological integrations designed to enhance both performance and security. Below, you will find a detailed overview of the new capabilities now available for testing and integration.

Consensus Layer backed by BTC-Native Staking

  • Developed using the Cosmos SDK, Nubit DA Chain will support BTC staking through solutions like Babylon. This allows for BTC staking on the Nubit DA Chain, ensuring its economic security.

  • Since Nubit DA is built on Cosmos SDK, for detailed RPC methods to interact with Nubit Validators, please visit the Validator APIs.

DAS Mechanism with Full and Light Nodes

  • To participate in Nubit DA by running a data availability node, individuals can operate either a full node or a light node. Nubit utilizes a data availability mechanism that combines KZG commitments with two-dimensional Reed-Solomon erasure codes. This framework ensures the correctness of RS encoding through validity proofs based on KZG commitments, rather than using traditional fraud proofs. Consequently, light nodes can retrieve necessary data through KZG opening proofs instead of Merkle proofs, significantly enhancing retrieval speeds ---- by up to 10X in typical scenarios and up to 100X in more extreme situations.

  • For further information on interacting with Nubit Nodes and detailed API documentation, please visit Nubit DA Chain Node APIs.

Participation in Alpha Testnet

  • As a participator, you are invited to operate Light Node, and to test the integration of Modular Service with the Nubit DA.

  • Here is a step-by-step guideline for configuring and integrating related repositories for the Nubit DA Alpha Testnet.

  • Access your namespace and transaction details on our Nubit Alpha Testnet Explorer.

  • Incentivized Campaign: Our Alpha Testnet Campaign is divided into phases and they are all incentivized. For now, you can pre-join on Galxe and start exploring Nubit. Your contributions will be 100% counted in the upcoming first phase.

We are excited to see your participation and look forward to your valuable feedback as we continue to enhance our blockchain solutions. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We are in the Alpha Testnet stage, preparing for extensive integration. The modular indexer is currently being integrated with wallets. Those interested in Layer 2 Integration (such as Polygon CDK, OP Stack, Scroll, etc.) can join the Nubit Alpha Testnet for deeper testing!

We are actively working on more integrations to enhance our ecosystem. Our DA Chain integrations are in progress with Succinct and Sovereign, ensuring a robust and diverse network. Additionally, we are collaborating on indexer wallet integration with Unisat and OKX Wallet to expand our wallet support. The KZG ceremony is also underway, aiming to further secure and optimize our blockchain infrastructure. We eagerly await further engagement with these project teams to bring these integrations to fruition.

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