Rollkit Integration

We have integrated Rollkit, a neural toolkit serving the entire modular ecosystem. Rollkit is the first sovereign rollup framework with delicate toolchains, i.e., a modular rollup framework allowing for roll-up deployment with modular stacks, opening new possibilities for fast building and innovation.

With the combination of the Rollkit toolchain (go-da), by leveraging ABCI-compatible interfaces that support any ABCI-compatible blockchain app, collaborative projects, and individual users would send and fetch data to the Nubit DA backend more fluently and smoothly. Namely, by only specifying the namespace and a few parameters, any light node would interact with the Nubit DA chain smoothly instead of assembling transactions and observing the chain with specialized code logic.

This integration enables more flexible, secure, efficient, and trustless bridges from universal web3 projects to Nubit DA backend.

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