Run a Full/Light Node

Note: We are in the Alpha Testnet stage, so the API may undergo incompatible changes in the future. If you encounter any issues, please join our Discord to get in touch with the Nubit Team.

Download the Node Repo

Navigate back to the nubit-da directory and clone the nubit-node repository.

Note: When using git clone, you may need to temporarily comment out the UseKeychain fields in your ~/.ssh/config file. Specifically, comment out # IgnoreUnknown UseKeychain and # UseKeychain yes .

git clone
cd nubit-node

Install the Node

First, navigate to the nubit-node root directory and build the project by executing the following commands:

make build
sudo make install
make nkey

Set up your environment by copying and running the following commands:

Note: Set NODE_TYPE to light if you prefer to start a light node.

export PATH=$HOME/go/bin:$PATH

Note: PEERS, VALIDATOR_IP and GENESIS_HASH may change with updates, so please stay informed.

You will receive the following response.


Initialize the Node

To initialize the node, run the following command. This will automatically generate a nubit address along with its MNEMONIC. Please make sure to securely save the MNEMONIC as it will only appear once.

nubit $NODE_TYPE init

Start the Node

Finally, start the node with the command below:

Note: We request user to submit node metrics to our OTEL every hour. No private information would be leaked in this process.

nubit $NODE_TYPE start $NETWORK --core.ip $VALIDATOR_IP --rpc.addr --metrics --metrics.endpoint

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